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Belize Brewing Company, Ltd
Old Airport Road, Ladyville, Belize 
+501 227-7031

Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00PM
Closed - Saturday
Closed - Sunday 

Brewery Tours are currently not available to the public. 

Respected Beer

Belikin is Brewed For Belizeans,
by Belizeans, & Onli Eena Belize. 

Belikin Beer

Belikin is more than a beer. It’s what brings us together.

Belikin Beer is a classic European continental lager. A special blend of Canadian Pilsner malt and German hops, along with a lengthy fermentation and lagering, has made our flagship brew a perfectly balanced, great tasting full-bodied beer.

Alcohol 4.8 % (v/v)

Belikin Light

Belikin Light is brewed to create a light, balanced flavour. As with our flagship Belikin, our process relies on lengthy fermentation and lagering resulting in a fully-conditioned yeast. This pale golden lager was created for the beer drinkers who prefer a light-bodied flavour.

Alcohol 3.8 % (v/v)

Belikin Stout

Belikin Stout is a uniquely Caribbean brew, lighter than an English stout. It is less hoppy than most stouts and boasts a subtle blend of coffee, caramel and chocolate flavours along with a rich texture and roasted aroma.

Alcohol 6.5% (v/v)

Belikin Sorrel Stout

Sorrel Stout is our holiday gem, a carefully balanced and aged brew flavored with sorrel and Caribbean spices. It is unique to Belize, and a unique reflection of the Belizean palette.

Alcohol 6.5% (V/V)

Belikin Chocolate Stout

Available in May.

Chocolate Stout is an exquisite craft beer, with a rich, creamy flavour and moderate carbonation. Originally created for the Cacao Festival in southern Belize, its velvety chocolate flavour with hints of vanilla and rum proved so popular we bring it back every year.

Alcohol 6.5% (v/v)

Belikin Black & Tan

Available in October.

For those who love both BELIKIN Stout and BELIKIN Beer you no longer have to choose. Belikin Black & Tan is the newest addition to our seasonal portfolio, composed of one part Stout and one part Beer making one spectacular combined brew.

Alcohol 5.7% (v/v)